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About TheAsia

Who we are

We are a small and dynamic start-up that believes in the transformative power of travel.

To share our love of exploration, we’ve launched our e-commerce platform that allows you to easily book trips and tours throughout Asia, whether you are on a fun vacation and looking for a last-minute adventure or planning your next dream holiday. When you journey to new places, meet new people, and learn about different cultures, it makes you a fuller person. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, and we want to spread the wealth.

What we do

We handpick tours across Asia’s most stunning destinations, and save you time by providing a vetted assortment of the region’s best activities.

As a multi-cultural team with roots (and offices) in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Korea, we live and breath Asia. We have searched far and wide to find off-the-beaten-path experiences that give you a real taste of the region—the hidden waterfalls, the colourful weekend markets, the secret sea caves, the best restaurants, the most dazzling dance shows, the ancient architecture. We help you find tours tailored to your interests, while providing engaging content and eye-catching media that offer an immersive experience of the itinerary. We bring you a little bit of everything, always through the lense of what locals love and always with that indelible Asian edge.

How we do it

We started off as a brick-and-mortar tour operator in Bangkok, so we know what it takes to craft entertaining, educational, and comfort-driven itineraries. We have developed meaningful relationships with trustworthy suppliers over the years and have strong ties with local tour guides and branches. We coordinate with our crew of resident experts to pick the trips we know will inspire you. This is our home turf, and when it comes to planning tours, there is no better resource than on-the-ground expertise.

What’s new

We are currently revamping the website to offer even more robust tour-booking services, and we're building up our blog and social media teams to bring you inside information, entertaining articles and useful tips about travelling in this region. We continue to grow by leaps and bounds every day and, just like you, we can’t wait for the next adventure.