Korea (Republic of)Jeju

Ticket to Dynamic Maze Jeju Island Adventure

Challenge yourself at the Dynamic Maze. This indoor obstacle course is not for the faint of heart. Made to be tackled by a friendship tag-team, the challenges become increasingly difficult. Strengthen your bond and feel the pride of completing a particularly arduous task. You and your friend will love besting the levels.
  • Location: Jeju
  • Type:
  • Opening time: 9:00 - 19:00
  • Tackle the Dynamic Maze with your friends
  • Challenge yourself to complete all the tasks
  • Navigate your way through the obstacle course
  • Utilize your skills towards a common goal
Tour Options
A minimum of two person teams. Tickets can only be used for the date selected.Please print your voucher and show it at the entrance. Minimum height for admittance is 110 centimeters. All children must be accompanied by an adult.Those who are pregnant, handicapped, or elderly should inquire with the staff about entering the Dynamic Maze.It's advised you avoid skirts or dresses and wear pants. During weekends and holidays, you may need to wait longer to enter the Dynamic Maze.Put your belongings in the locker before entering the maze.The ticket can only be used once; you will not be able to reuse the ticket.Food, drink, and pets are not permitted in the Experience Hall.Please exercise caution on the obstacle courses.

Looking for things to do in Jeju Island? Explore the Dynamic Maze Indoor Theme Park

The Dynamic Maze will amaze you. This indoor theme park has an awesome obstacle course that will thrill and challenge you, making it one of the best Jeju Island attractions. The aim of the Dynamic Maze is to tackle challenges with your friends. Together, you can bond as you overcome fun and exciting tasks. Colorful props and obstacle-course designs create a cheerful, energetic atmosphere that you will love working your way across. Test your concentration in ever changing situations. It'll keep you engaged and entertained. 16 different mazes test your strength, agility, and critical thinking in a lively setting. As you advance, the challenges become more difficult. Some challenges are as simple as solving a math problem, or testing your cognitive skills with a memory game. The physical tasks can become quite difficult, like trying to navigate your way to the exit through a dark room with large, intricate spiderwebs blocking your path. It gets your heart racing, and fills you with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you've completed an objective alongside your friends.