Korea (Republic of)Jeju

A trip to Play KPOP Hologram Concert - Jungmun Tourism Complex

K-Pop (Korean pop) is one of the most popular sensations in Asia. Everyone goes crazy for the stars of the genre. The Play KPOP Hologram Concert at Jungmun Tourism Complex allows you to interact with your favorite K-Pop celebrities through hologram technology. Enjoy the incredibly realistic hologram concerts and the interactive holograms—you'll feel like you are really recording songs live with famous K-Pop singers!—and even get a makeover to look like a K-Pop star with advanced imaging technology. It's a fun way to fulfill a lifelong fantasy. 
  • Location: Jeju
  • Type:
  • Opening time: 9:00 - 19:00
  • Take a trip to Play K-Pop
  • Attend the Live Holo concert
  • Record a song with a computerized celebrity
  • Learn dance moves popularized by the genre
  • Make yourself over as a K-Pop celebrity
  • Live the K-Pop fantasy
Tour Options
Please print out your voucher and bring it to redeem your ticket.The first Tuesday of March and December will be closed every year.Your ticket will be valid for three hours after you've entered.

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Be amazed by modern technology at the Play KPOP Hologram Concert at Jungmun Tourism Complex. K-Pop (Korean pop) has swept the globe thanks to its catchy music, intensive dance numbers, and easy-to-love band members. At the Play K-Pop Hologram Concert at Jungmun Tourism Complex you will be treated to a holographic concert and all-immersive 3D experiences that makes you feel as though you are at a real live K-Pop concert. You'll even have the chance to interact with virtual recreations of your favorite K-Pop stars. Take pictures, dance, and sing along with Korea's most beloved celebrities. Every hour, the Live Holo concert takes place, creating a virtual reality that is easy to get lost in. The 360-degree visual experience captures you and makes you feel as though you are truly at a live concert, but it is even better because you can get on the stage and perform with the stars. It's thrilling to engage in the fantasy. You can even become a K-Pop star, with virtual reality screens that transform your clothes and makeup to make you a glammed-out musician. In the Star Recording Studio, you can record a duet with the K-Pop celebrity of your choice. You'll be thrown full-tilt into the red-carpet dream, so the only question is—are you ready to be a star?