Korea (Republic of)Jeju

Nanta Show Jeju Island - See the famous Nanta Korean Cooking Show

The Nanta Show will amaze and delight you. This non-verbal performance is enacted by some of South Korea's most talented musicians. Themed around chefs and cooking, this show is an exciting demonstration of musical prowess through the use of everyday tools. Listen as incredible beats are created, and unbelievable dance numbers are performed with all kind of props and costumes.
  • Location: Jeju
  • Type:
  • Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Meeting point: NANTA Theater
  • Opening time: 16:00 - 22:40
  • Show time: 17:00 - 18:40
  • Watch the awe-inspiring Nanta Show
  • See as music is created with everyday objects
  • Enjoy the festive costumes
  • Be dazzled by the fast-paced action
  • Get drawn into the beats
  • Lose yourself in the drama of the performance
Tour Options
You'll be able to redeem your ticket at the front desk starting 10:00. If you arrive after the show has started, you'll be seated outside of your previously designated area.Filming or recording the show is strictly forbidden.If you want to take a photo or video, there will be opportunities during the curtain call.

What are some unique things to do in Jeju Island? See the Nanta Korean Cooking Show with traditional samulnori rhythms

Throw yourself into an evening of fast-paced entertainment at the Nanta show. This world-famous spectacle is a performance arts piece that gained such popularity it got sent to broadway. The incredibly talented performers never speak, but dance, create music with unconventional objects, demonstrate fighting techniques, and in general rock the stage. Performed for 20 years, this non-verbal production became a broadway sensation in 2004. It's no wonder the show received such critical acclaim; the way the actors create sounds with everyday objects is mindblowing. The entire show is cooking themed, with chefs interacting with cooking tools and performing whacky and whimsical stunts. You'll be amazed by their skill, and love the fun and engaging motifs. More than entertaining, the Nanta korean show teaches you about Korean food and cooking culture.