Korea (Republic of)Busan

Skyline Luge in Tongyeong Cable Car - Hallyeosudo National Park & more

Are you tired of travelling by foot? Then take the "Skyline Luge in Tongyeong Cable Car - Hallyeosudo National Park & more" tour and travel through the air instead. Whether you'd prefer seeing the amazing view from a cable car as you glide up the mountain or a fast-paced ride down the Skyline Luge, you'll be thrilled by the sights and sounds of this picturesque province. The tour includes a second gondola ride that provides an extensive view of the countryside and coastline, as well as the opportunity to explore Dongpirang and Seorang Villages: two bustling, artistic seaside villages that are filled with beauty, culture and experience. 
  • Departure: Busan
  • Type:
  • Duration: Approximately 8 hours
  • Meeting time: Approximately 9:00
  • Meeting point: Your hotel lobby
  • Take a trip to Tongyeong city
  • See the cityscape from the Skyride
  • Ride the Skyline Luge down the mountain
  • Learn about history on the Hallyeosudeo Viewing Ropeway tour
  • Soak up the culture at Dongpirang Village
  • Take in the harmonious hillside landscapes
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Ride Tongyeong Cable Car - Hallyeosudo Viewing Ropeway with sights of Jirisan National Park & Hallyeosudo National Park

This "Skyline Luge in Tongyeong Cable Car - Hallyeosudo National Park & more" tour is perfect for those who are wanting to see South Korea from a different perspective. Tongyeong is a gorgeous coastal city in the South Gyeongsang Province and is full of exciting things to see and do. The private tour begins high up in the sky on the Tongyeong cable car, known as the Skyride, where visitors can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful scenery and surrounding islands that line the coast, as well as the Hallyeo Sudo National Park. For the daredevils, there’s also the Skyline Luge, a 1.5-kilometre long fun track within which you can glide down the mountain. The luge is the first of its kind in South Korea, and is hugely popular.After your ride through the sky, or down the mountain, the next stop is at the Hallyeo Sudo Viewing Ropeway. Situated on Mireuksan Mountain, the Ropeway is the only automatic dual-cable gondola system in Korea. It gives visitors a stunning view of Tongyeong, including the Great Battle of Hansan, a famous historical site; Hallyeohaesang National Park; Jirisan National Park, and Dolsando Island. The gondola ride lasts for around nine minutes and is an amazing way to experience this breathtaking country.The next, and final, stop is Dongpirang Village, right in the heart of Tongyeong. Dongpirang Village is filled with culture, artwork, colourful murals and street art done entirely by the local community. Directly opposite Dongpirang lies Seo Pirang Village, a smaller but equally thrilling town. These hillside villages by the sea finish off the Tongyeong One Day Tour beautifully, leaving you free to grab a coffee and some food from one of the many café, watch some of the local artists at work, or just relax and enjoy the ocean views.