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Small Circuit Angkor Wat Tour - Angkor Thom, Ta Phrom, Bayon & more

The full-day Angkor temple tour takes you on a roundup of Siem Reap's best temples. Bayon, Ta Phrom, Angkor Wat, and the Victory Gate are just some of the places you will visit on this scenic, historical tour.
  • Departure: Siem Reap
  • Type:
  • Duration: Approximately 8 hours
  • Meeting time: Approximately 08:00
  • Meeting point: Your hotel lobby
  • Take a circuit of the most beloved temples in Cambodia
  • Visit the world-famous Bayon temple and Angkor Wat
  • See the stunning carvings depicting good and devil at the Victory Gate
  • Walk through the overgrown jungles of Cambodia
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The pick-up time at your hotel varies based on your hotel location and traffic.Pick up and drop off service is available for hotel in city center. If you are not sure where your hotel is please put exact name of your hotel and our team will get back to you with a suggestion.Guests stay outside of city center will be advised an additional surcharge (if any) subject to distance. This surcharge customers to pay on spot to a tour guide or driver.
The itinerary might be subject to possibly change due to weather local conditions without a notice in advance.Maximum number of passengers per a group tour is 12 guestsAngkor Wat Pas to pay on spot by customers.
Tips for traveling to Angkor Wat
Read a basic history of Angkor Wat. This will help you appreciate it more when you see it in person.Be prepared to walk. The complex is very vast and a lot of the temples and sights are relatively far apart from each other (and may require a little bit of climbing), so don’t forget to wear your comfortable shoes.Weather is quite hot and humid, especially from April through May, and you’ll want to stay hydrated during all of the walking and trekking.The best time to visit is before sunrise, which means you should aim to be there around 5 a.m. Many travellers have said that this is the most opportune time to explore the temples, as watching the sunrise is an indescribable experience–it’s also an ideal time for picture taking. Also, you’ll be avoiding the tourist rush and will therefore get the chance to fully enjoy the serenity of the temples.Don’t miss the reflection of the main temple from the water at sunset–the colour of the sky is one you won’t be able to rid your mind of for years to come.Bring an umbrella when you’re walking around the complex to help block some of the harsh sunrays.January brings some of the best weather. If it’s possible, try to book your trip for this month.Wear modest clothing, since all of the ancient temples are active sites of Hindu worship. This includes covering your shoulders with sleeves and wearing long pants.Be aware: Children under the age of 12 won’t be able to enter certain areas of the complex. If you’re travelling with kids, research ahead of time and plan accordingly.
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  • Guide (English)
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  • Towel
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  • Entrance fee

Whats are some amazing things to do in Siem Reap? Visit Angkor Wat Temples such as Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat, Banteay Kdei & more

This tour covers some of the most beloved temples in Cambodia, such as Prasat Kravan, Ta Prohm, Ta Keo, Bayon, Angkor Wat, and many more stunning temples along the way. It will be a day of history and culture, full of lessons about the fascinating beginnings of Siem Reap and the Khmer empire. The journey will give you a new appreciation for ancient architecture and the resilience of these temples to withstand the wear and tear of time. Prasat Kravan is a small, 10th-century temple known for its amazing bas-reliefs; the semi three-dimensional sculptures are realistic depictions of the Hindu god Vishnu. You will be in awe of the amazing skill with which these murals were sculpted so very long ago. Ta Prohm is one of the most popular Cambodian temples for it's inclusion in the famous Lara Croft: Tomb Raider film. In fact, it has become associated with this film so much that it is often referred to as the Tomb Raider Temple. But the real reason this temple receives so much attention is because it's incredible. Ruins are overrun by gigantic tree roots, and intricate stone carvings grace the surface of the outer walls in delicate beauty. On a tour of Siem Reap's temples, you simply can't miss Angkor Wat. Siem Reap's most famous temple, Angkor Wat is a the largest temple complex in the world and an impressive testament to Khmer architecture. Your guide will lead you through the bas-reliefs and murals and teach you everything you need to know about this temple with such a long, fascinating history. You will visit many more temples on this full-day tour. Get ready for a thrilling crash course in Cambodian history.