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Traditional Korean Show at Korea House Seoul - Pansori, Arirang & more

This day tour celebrates Seoul culture through fun, interesting workshops. You'll learn how perform a traditional dance, fight in the traditional martial arts form, and make wonderful handicrafts.
  • Location: Seoul
  • Type:
  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour
  • Meeting point: Folk theater of KOREA HOUSE
  • Opening time: 18:30 - 21:30
  • Show time: 18:30 - 19:30, 20:30 - 21:30
  • Learn about Seoul's history
  • Get transported back to the Joseon Dynasty
  • Experience Korean culture like never before
  • Watch traditional dance performances
  • Listen to classical music
  • Look at some lovely handicrafts
Ogomu, Arirang, Seonnyeo dance, Shinawi, Taepyeong Sungdae, Pansori, Fan dance, Pungmul Nori.
Getting to Folk theater of KOREA HOUSE
Subway Line No.3 or 4, Chungmuro Station, Exit 3

Looking for interesting things to do in Seoul? Visit the Korea House Seoul and see traditional Korean Culture performances

Immerse yourself in the traditions and culture of Seoul on this tour of the Korea House, a culture centre housed inside an old-style Korean building. Here you can learn more about Seoul through workshops and performances such as, traditional handicrafts, dance, and martial arts, etc.You will be drawn into the fantasy of ancient Korea brought to life on a day of beautiful art and awe-inspiring performances. Not only will you learn more about Korean culture, but you will have the chance to become involved through fun, easy workshops.The setting of this Korean culture tour is the Folk Theatre of the Korea House. The Korea House is a homage to ancient Korea, styled after the Joseon Dynasty. There are five distinct sections: Haerin-gwan (a meeting place), the Traditional Theater, and three annex buildings (Munhangru, Nokeumjeong and Cheongwoojeong). At Harein-gwan you can enjoy a musical performance and a tasting of classic Korean dishes. In the Traditional Theater, you can view incredible performances by a talented cast of dedicated actors and musicians. It is a slice of life from the Joseon Dynasty. You will leave this tour with a better understanding of Korea, and the long-practised traditions passed on throughout the generations. There is a deep-rooted respect of culture, and a pride in history. You will get the chance to watch history come to life on the big stage. It's an experience that will entertain and enlighten you.
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