Ayutthaya Ancient City Tour | The Asia ​Escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and enjoy a day of cultural history by exploring other Provinces nearby. One most notoriously known for the ancient beauty of its ruined temples is Ayuhtthaya, the former capital of Thailand. The city is about 80 kilometers north of Bangkok, and takes two or three hours by bus or train.
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Ayutthaya Ancient City Tour

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Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, also known as the Summer Palace, that was used by the Thai kings. Situated along the Chao Phraya River in Bang Pa-In District, Ayutthaya Province, The Royal Palace at Bang Pa-In has a history dating back to the 17th century. According to a chronicle of Ayutthaya, King Prasat Thong had the palace constructed on Bang Pa-In Island in the Chao Phraya River. In Thai history books, it is said that King Prasat Thong was an illegitimate son of King Ekathotsarot, who in his youth was shipwrecked on that island and had son by a woman who befriended him. The boy grew up to become the Chief Minister then usurped the throne and became known as King Prasat Thong. The King erected a monastery, Wat Chumphon Nikayaram, on the land belonging to his mother on Bang Pa-In Island. He then had a pond dug up and a palace built to the south of that monastery.
It is believed that the palace was neglected and left in disarray for years, until the 18th century when it was revived by King Rama IV of the Chakri Dynasty, better known in the West as King Mongkut. He had a temporary residence constructed on the outer part of the island that became the site of the Neo-Gothic style monastery, Wat Niwet Thamprawat. The present-day royal palace dates from the reign of King Chulalongkorn (1868-1910), when most of the buildings standing today were constructed from 1872-1889. Today the palace is used occasionally by Their Majesties King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) and Queen Sirikit as a residence and for holding lavish receptions and banquets.

Wat Mahathat, The Temple of the Great Relics, is located almost right in the center of Ayutthaya. Apart from being the symbolic center where the Buddha's relics were enshrined, Wat Mahathat was also the residence of the Supreme Patriarch or leader of the Thai Buddhist monks, Phra Phuttha Chinnarat. The temple is believed to be built during the 14th century A.D. You can see that the main prang or the tall tower-like spires, was the most important edifice in the temple compound. The tall tower-like spire collapsed during the Ayutthaya period, but was then restored. Then it collapsed again in 1911, and the only foundation that remains today is base of the spire. You can easily imagine from the size of the base, that the spire tower was quite high and majestic as in most architecture of the early period of Ayutthaya. Wat Mahathat also offers the most photographed Buddha head in the world. The most photograph image of a head of the Buddha is of the head of the Buddha in a Bodhi tree, where the tree trunks and roots have grown around it making it truly a unique sight to see.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet means “Temple of the Holy Splendid Omniscient”, was the holiest temple on the site of the old Royal Palace in Thailand's ancient capital of Ayutthaya.  The temple is not only a significant historical site, but also considered as the spiritual center for Thais. Situated within the Royal Palace grounds, Wat Phra Si Sanphet is also the Royal Monastery and therefore no monks are allowed to reside in it. The temple was used to conduct ceremonies within the Royal Court. It was the grandest and most beautiful temple in the capital and it served as a model for Wat Phra Keaw in Bangkok that we see today. The city of Autthaya including all the temples and its compounds were completely destroyed in the Burmese invasion in 1767, with the exception of the three Chedis that can be seen today at Wat Phra Si Sanphet. 

Additional information
Bang Pa In Palace additional  
Proper attire is required- no short skirts or short pants, no sleeveless shirts.​

Golf Cart rental at  Bang Pa In palace : 400 baht/cart and must use ID card or passport to rent the golf carts.
Ayutthaya Temples Tour
Recommended temples are the most famous but if customers want to change the schedule, they can choose the Temples that they want. 
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- When the tour is finished, guests can request any drop-off point. 
- If you want to extend the tour time, it will be cost extra 200 baht/hr for a car, 300 baht/hr for a van or innova. 
Drop-off point: Suvarnabhumi airport, Don Mueang Airport. The price is extra 200 Baht/hr​. for a car, 300 Baht/hr​ for a van or innova. 
Drop-off point: Guest’s Hotel. The price is extra 1,000 Baht for a car, 1,500 Baht for an innova and 1,800 Baht for a van.
Please inform your drop-off place directly to the driver.
For an additional charge customer can pay directly to the driver. 


Tour Type: Private Tour
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The Driver is not the Tour Guide. They simply transport guests and provide tickets.
Proper attire is required similar to the Bang Pa-In Palace, no short skirts or short pants, no sleeveless shirts. (Bang Pa-In Palace)




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9:00 Meet in the hotel lobby
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16:30 Back to Bangkok
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Nice trip

Very nice trip. Good service.

  December 2016



South Korea


부모님 칠순 기념으로 부모님을 모시고 다녀왔는데 정말 좋았었어요. 음식도 맛있었고, 크루즈에서 보는 저녘 노을도 굉장히 인상적이었습니다. 이 번이 방콕 두 번 째 여행인데 다음 여행이 기대되네요. 감사합니다.

  September 2016

Renee Parker



Amazing Thai history

Ayutthaya was a fabulous part of Thailand to visit and rich in history with the most amazing Temples all with a small radius. There is good place for visiting.

  January 2016

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