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Sai Kaew Beach & Pattaya City Tour

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Nong Nooch Garden is located about 20 minutes outside of Pattaya and its sits on a 2.4 landscaped of beautiful lush gardens. Taking a leisurely stroll through the botanical park is like taking a journey around the world, through its many famous gardens like their 17th-century French garden, European Renaissance garden or Stonehenge. The vast garden also contains fascinating species-specific gardens that houses tropical palms, bonsais and topiaries, cactus and succulent plants, and orchid nurseries. 
It is unlikely that you will be able to explore all the attractions at Nong Nooch Garden by walking alone. You have the option to rent bicycles to take you at a leisurely pace. The first part of the park you should see is the Orchid Garden. It is known to house more than 670 native species of hybrids of Orchids, the biggest in the country, showcasing exotic-shaped leaves and blossoms, including the cactus and succulent plants. This park is both beautiful and educational. Another big highlight of the park is the French Garden, with its symmetrical design and perfectly manicured shrubs modeled after the gardens of Versailles in France. 
The park offers an awesome sky walk that takes you around through-out the park. It is a 1.1 km elevated walkway that takes you through the Topiary garden, European garden, Tropical palm garden, Stonehenge garden, and Butterfly Hill. Nong Nooch Garden also features daily shows at the Thai Cultural Hall. Enjoy the spectacular sights and sounds of the classical Thai dance, Muay Thai or ancient drum performances, as well as the elephant shows. 

Khao Chi Chan also known as the Buddha Mountain is on your way to Wat Yansangwararam. It is about 6 km from Sukumvit Rd in the Sattahip District close to Pattaya. The Buddha Mountain has a magnificent gigantic gold crafted carving image of Buddha on a side of the cliff face of Khao Chi Chan. The carving is 130 meters high with 70 meter in width and depicts of an attitude of the subdued Mara Buddha on the face, and the poster of the Buddha meditating. The Buddha image was carved out of the cliff face by using laser technology then it was inlaid with gold leaf, a process that took months to complete. The Buddha Mountain was constructed in 1996 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej ascension to the throne. Khao Chi Chan is a protected public landmark under the management of the Royal Thai Marine Corps and it is an absolute must see!

Sai Kaew Beach is nestled along two adjoining beaches on the unspoiled paradise island of Koh Samet in Chonburi. Just a 45 minute drive from South Pattaya, you can discover a family friendly beach that blends in harmoniously with the lush natural setting, for quick idyllic beach escape.
When you visit Sai Kaew Beach, you can feel your worries fade away and embrace the fun and lively scene on Koh Samet’s other beaches. When you want to relax after an exciting time in Pattaya, Koh Sai Kaew is the perfect hidden natural retreat to relax amidst peaceful tropical nature and secluded shores. 
Sai Kaew Beach, also known as “The Navy Beach” has everything a beach lover could wish for. It is the perfect island getaway that will delight your wildest expectations.

Pattaya Floating Market, or in the Thai language means “Talad Nam Si Pak”. It means the “Floating Market of the Four Regions”.  It is the union of the country’s four regions which are the North, the South, the North-East, and the Central parts of Thailand. The market is divided into 4 sections. In each section of the Floating market, they showcase everything from those regions like food, fruits, silk products, and handcrafted items. The market contains over 114 shops, water vendors who sell authentic Thai food, desserts, and specialty items from all over the Thailand. If you want to have the full floating market experience, you can hire a private man-powered boat to get around and discover the culture of the riverside lifestyles of the olden days. 
A walk through the hundreds of wooden houses built in the different styles of the four regions can make you appreciate the rich heritage of Thailand. Besides food stalls and shops, the market also features other educational and entertaining attractions such as the Wood-Carving Museum which displays beautiful carved images and statues. Another attraction is the sunflower and agricultural demonstration fields where they teach you about agriculture. There is also a daily free show featuring the four different cultural performances. The Floating Market is a great place to visit when in Pattaya if you truly want to experience the culture of the four regions of Thailand.

Additional information
Sai Kaew beach water activities rental fee
- Kayak : 100 Baht/person (deposit 100 baht)
- Banana Boat : 600 Baht/half an hour
- Jet ski : 1,000 Baht/15 minutes, 1,500 Baht/half an hour
- Swim ring : 10 Baht/hour (deposit 100 baht)
Extend tour and Drop off Information
- After finishing the tour, Drop-off point is depending on the guest.
- For extended tour time, it will be cost extra 200 Baht/Hr. for a car, 300 Baht/Hr. for a van or innova. 
Drop-off point: Suvarnabhumi airport, Hotels in Pattaya and Bangkok area (Free)
Drop-off point: Don Mueang Airport. The price is extra 500 Baht 
- After finishing the tour, you use a car more 3 hours and drop-off at Suvarnabhumi airport
(600 Baht + drop-off at Suvarnabhumi airport 0 Baht = 600 Baht)
- After finishing the tour, you use a car more 3 hours and drop-off at Don Mueang airport 
(600 Baht + drop-off at Don Mueang airport 500 Baht = 1,100 Baht)
Please inform your drop off place directly to the driver.
For an additional charge customer can pay directly to the driver.


Tour Type: Private Tour
Duration: One day tour
Available day: Everyday
Meeting Time: 7:30
Meeting Point: Your hotel lobby

The Driver is not a Guide. His duty is to take guests to their destination and provide the tickets.
The tour can be changed under circumstance.
Please be on time
Please be careful of your personal belongings.
Be able to keep your personal belongings at the taxi car tour only.​
Please note that water activities might be limited due to bad weather at the beaches.




Entrance fee

Beach chair

Elephant riding




Soap & shampoo


Other expense


Banana boat

Jet ski


Time Place
7:30 Meet in the Hotel Lobby
9:30 Nong Nooch Garden (watch thai traditional show & elephant show)
12:00 Elephant Trekking
12:30 Wat Kao Chi Chan
13:30 Sai Kaew Beach
16:30 Pattaya Floating Market
18:30 Dinner Time
19:00 Drop-Off Point depends Guest’s request
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61.62 USD

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Hayley Jones



Too much like work.

Average beach with lot of outdoor activity and lot of crowd. The sand quality is good. View is nice.

  December 2015

Marian Diaz


United States

great day out

There are deck chairs you can hire etc, but it is also possible just to stretch out on the sand. The beach is busy and i was only there at the end of the high season. They amount of boats in the water was noisy and a little frustrating, but if you walk until you find a good spot you can find a section with less boats and more quiet. On the way to the floating market you see the homes of the locals and how the live. There were several floating boats selling fruits and other goods but more so there were several small local stores selling clothing and other souvenirs further along the street.

  January 2016

Wenjing Wu





  October 2016

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