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Although this casual and cozy day spa is conveniently located near the center of a tourist area, it feels a world away from the busy streets beyond its walls. Beautifully accented with teak wood walkways, exotic plants, private outdoor showers and individual treatment villas, you will find a spa with a full menu of treatments. It is located near to the lively, high fashion district at Nimmanhenmin Road. Free round trip transportation is available in Chiang Mai city.
Spa package recommend
Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage : This massage perfectly combines the best of Western Swedish massage therapy and Eastern Thai massage techniques along with Aromatherapy. Pressure-point massage stimulates the acupressure points along the energy lines to dissolve blockages and the kneading and rubbing brings relaxation and healing. The entire body benefits from the effects of aromatic oils.​ Oasis Pampering : This therapy takes you to a new level of delight for 2 and a half hours. After the skin is exfoliated with a body scrub, using the product of your choice, you will revel in the delicious sensations with a full-body Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage. Once your body feels young and alive, your face is pampered with a Thai Facial, the ultimate beauty treatment. Hair Spa Package : This treatment protects and enriches your hair. The formula of KIN Secret Charms Silky Hair Treatment (made from Shea Butter, Sal Butter, Silk Protein and etc.) deeply moisturizes and restores hair to beauty and health. Then you will tingle with a KIN Secret Charms Rich Body Scrub followed by an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage. (2.30 hrs.) Ayurveda Packing : Beginning with the dripping of warm oil on the forehead and a thorough scalp massage, the treatment continues with a traditional East Indian Style warm-oil massage. Many believe this two-hour long treatment prevents illness and promotes healing and wellness by balancing the body, mind, and spirit. (2 hrs.) The Paradise of Oasis : This is your one-way ticket to paradise. Your stress evaporates when exposed to a Thai Herbal Steam treatment then a Body Scrub expels the toxins of modern life by using the products of your choice. Next, a Thai Herbal Clay Body Wrap draws out years of accumulated pollutants and contaminant. Then an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage erases residual tension and finally you will enjoy a refreshing, beautifying Thai Facial. After four-hours of pampering, you emerge like a butterfly from its cocoon – transformed. Oasis Experience : This is the “experience of a lifetime.” that begins with the vapors of ancient Thai Herb Steam followed by a Body Scrub (using a product of your choice) to exfoliate your skin. Then deeper and more oily contaminates are extracted with the application of a Morocco Red Clay Full-body Wrap. After your skin is toned by an Aromatherapy Bath, a four-hand Massage relaxes deep tension and delights the senses. Finally, you revel in the ultimate beauty treatment, a Thai Facial. Four-hours later, you will radiate wellness and contentment. Lanna Explorer : This spa experience will take your body, mind, and spirit to places you have never been before. It begins with the Thai Herbal Steam to cleanse underlying stress and to prepare you for the purifying exfoliation of a Body Scrub (using the product of your choice). Then, for two solid hours, the massaging and stretching techniques of the King of Oasis Signature massage revitalizes the body’s matrix and energy lines. Finally, you experience a stimulating Thai Facial. Beware, after this four-hour therapy people may not recognize the new, relaxed, more powerful, and regal-looking you. Sabai Stone Massage : This two-hour treatment is an ultimate de-stressor. Smooth, round and heated basalt stones are placed on strategic points of the body to melt away knots, tension, and stress while additional stones are applied to massage away pain, promote harmony, balance and peace. The Magic Four Hand : Imagine the result of two therapists delicately working with four hands in synchronized waves. After the Oasis Four Hand Massage, the ecstasy continues with an Oriental Foot Reflexology massage and a Hair Spa Treatment – all at the same time! It is magical; Your body will feel lighter and you will be bursting with life. Coco Mango : This sweet and savory treatment is your pathway to tropical bliss. First, Mango Sticky Rice Body Scrub of Coconut butter, Shea Butter and Mango uncovers youthful-looking skin. Then, your body will delight in a Body Wrap Cocoon that rehydrate dry skin while its tropical fragrance enchants the senses. Next, a Guinot® Purifying Facial Treatment enhances your complexion. Finally, a warm Coconut Oil Body Massage makes you feel delightful and look delicious. Coconut Nourishing : Delight your senses with a Natural Coconut Body Scrub; nourish your body with a rich Fresh Coconut Hot Compress Massage, then finish with a Full Body Coconut Hot Oil Massage. Lanna Secrets : Discover for yourself the soothing results of the Lanna Secrets treatment. As time-honored practices of Northern Thailand are employed, blocked energy pathways are reopened. Energy obstructions causing fatigue, weariness and muscular discomfort melt away. The relief begins as acupressure is applied during the Traditional Thai Massage. Then Thai Herbal Hot Compress follows, which dissolve soreness and further releases energy to the body. Finally, complete relief comes during an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage as the powerful effects of herbal essential oils fuse with massage therapy bringing you to the next level of relaxation.
Oasis Summer Day : Begin with your choice of Aloe Vera Mint Body Scrub or Aloe Vera Lavender Body Wrap … then indulge yourself in a cool and refreshing Body Massage and finish with an After Sun Facial Treatment. Begin with your choice of Aloe Vera Mint Body Scrub or Aloe Vera Lavender Body Wrap... then indulge yourself in a cool and refreshing Body Massage and finish with an After Sun Facial Treatment. 


Available day: Everyday
Tel no: (+66) 053 920123
Address: 199/135 Moo 3 Chonpratan Road, Mae Hia, Muang, Chiang Mai
Website: www.oasisspa.net

Please present the voucher at ticket counter.
This product is not suitable for Children age less than 12 years old.
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Youyi Tang





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听说是泰国最好的spa 。手法确实好,环境也棒,总之全部五颗星~!

  April 2016

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